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We confidently proclaim ourselves to be the industry's most respected security firm. We are the only security service in the United Kingdom that specialises in serving royalty, politicians, and embassies. We can give a first-class exceptional level of service because we have a thorough awareness of security requirements, as well as specialised training and unrivalled expertise. Every customer is analysed and a full threat analysis is undertaken as part of our unique service.

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Private Jet

Close Protection

Close Protection Bodyguard Services and Turnkey Security Solutions are provided by Elite Diplomatic Protection to royalty, politicians, and embassies. Our Close Protection Bodyguard Service can suit your needs regardless of the level of risk.

From full-time hired protection teams to one-time royalty protection event packages, we provide a wide range of services. We may give counter surveillance services to protect privacy and eliminate surveillance concerns if you demand a higher degree of security. We can also provide protective surveillance services, which are a more proactive method of threat protection that ensures the source of your danger is tracked.

The bulk of our agents are former military or law enforcement personnel who have all undergone extensive training. Former SAS/SBS Special Forces, former SO6 Diplomatic Protection, and former SO14 Royalty Protection personnel make up the majority of our operators.

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