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UCI Conference Rooms

Introduction to the project

UCI by Appolek is a simple system for your web conferencing. You can create your own rooms and host sessions, or join others with a short and convenient link.

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Personal Rooms

Your Private Meeting ID is a 10-digit numeric string that completes your Personal Meeting Uri.

Personal URL

You may create an alias for your Personal Meeting URL called your Personal Link.

  • Your Personal Link must have a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 30 characters.
  • It must begin with a letter and be limited to letters, numerals, and periods (.).
  • Your personal link must be unique to you - it cannot be in use by another liveapploke user.
  • You cannot use a common name as your personal connection.

Easy, fast deployment

Before you finish your coffee, download, install, and start collaborating. The Dialpad self-service web interface allows you to manage phone numbers and users, as well as make account adjustments, in seconds.

Create a borderless business

In minutes, you may add new destinations from all around the world. It's simple to connect teams all across the world with local and toll-free numbers in over 70 countries.

Virtual care on any device

Patients may join virtual appointments from anywhere using Dialpad, which is available on cellphones, desktops, and tablets.

Patient wait times should be cut in half.

Instant telehealth consultations connect expert care teams to faraway patients.

Collaborate in a single location

Staff may use one secure app to phone, communicate, and meet with patients and payer networks.

Maintain a minimal office budget

When you go to the cloud, you may save IT costs and get rid of on-premise hardware equipment.

Modern solutions to raise the level of the market

Many developers have given their time and skills to the creation of UCI.

UCI may appear difficult at first look due to its underlying design, but it isn't once you get to know it. Javascript is used to create the Liveapploke client. The server components of UCI are developed in a mix of Java, Grails, and Scala. You don't need to know all of these languages to contribute, but you should be familiar with Java because JavaScript, Grails, and Scala are all comparable to Java.

Some bugs have a higher priority than others. The UCI community places a high value on stability and usefulness.

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