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Crypto Trading Ideas.
The goal is to provide you most efficient Indicators, Strategies, Courses, Signals & Education for any type of market, any stocks or Crypto on any timeframe. .

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Heiro Indicators

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Hiero Strategy

Heiro GQD 4.4

The Best Indicator out there that helps you decide perfect Entries for your SHORT & LONG Positions. This strategy is helpful in both Future & Spot Trading. It helps you understand the market direction & assist in getting the most accurate entry for long & short terms. It works in all timeframes and helps us understand the market movement.

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Most Advanced Indicators that work in any type of Market condition, Bear or Bull Trend. It can bring potential gains when used properly. These strategies are too powerful for both Long & Short depending on the market movement direction. These works on any Market in any Timeframe. It is a trend-following strategy that works every time when set up carefully.


1HR - 1D


Beats Buy & Hold by 2-20x


• Works in any type of market condition, doesn’t matter if it’s a bear or bull trend.
• Higher returns when used correctly.
• Can be traded both manually or automated.
• Risk management integrated inside the strategy.

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